Major Barbara - act one

by George Bernard Shaw

recorded at the ensemble studio theatre, nyc

rehearsal photos 12.17.2011 (photographer: elena sapora)

directed by temi rose


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act one scene one

music credit: Onward Christian Soldiers
The Salvation Army
is the fifth largest charity in the UK. As of 2005, its outreach has been expanded to include 109 countries, in 175 languages. The Salvation Army's membership consists of 3,500 officers, 60,000 employees, 113,000 soldiers, 430,000 adherents and more than 3.5 million volunteers.

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act one scene three


act one scene four


act one scene five

music credit: Scanned / Music for lungs and bellows
Will Duke, anglo concertinas, voice; Dan Quinn, melodeons, voice.
2001, Hebemusic, HEBE CD003.
Bands of the Salvation Army: Album: Jerusalem Year: 2003